PawChic is a blog to show you guys anything pet related, sewing projects (some of them will even be for sale this summer), and my dog park journey survey over this summer. As some of you know I will be doing my 4th year Landscape Architecture Thesis on Dog Parks!

We are officialy on Instagram

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Pawchic is officially on Instagram. My sister introduced me to this social media last year and I have been slowly getting the hang of it. Search for pawchic as a user or click on this link Click to follow Pawchic to start following us!

Our account on instagram will showcase my daily crafting, sewing projects, new etsy items and a tone of animal pictures of my pets!

Pictured above is my vintage sewing machine. Absolutely love this little lady, a true workhorse.

If you own a cat then a water fountain is a must!

Friday, 3 January 2014

As an owner of two adorable kitty's I understand that it is extremely important to supply all of your pets with fresh clean drinking water. If  you don't already own a pet fountain you should do so.

I originally made the switch to a cat fountain after my sister bought one. After switching I noticed my cats were drinking a lot more, peeing in their littler box significantly more. This is a great outcome for many indoor cats do not drink enough water.

There are many different models out there but most feature some sort of pump and a filter system. Cats are attracted to moving water and this movement along with the filter keeps the water fresher longer.

I my self use a Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain like this one. I picked this model due to the large water capacity thinking that both my cats and dog could use it. Unfortunately that did not work out well. Laker drinks a tone of water and running pumps with little or no water will soon kill them.
After moving the dog pack to his old water dish things have worked out well. A replacement pump is available on amazon and has worked out well since. Definitely worth your money to get and maintain your water fountain.

My thoughts/ tips:

  • Do your research and read comments. Find a model that works for you!
  • Get a brand that lets you buy a replacement pump as they do quite. After 4 years I have replaced the pump twice. (due to the dog)
  • clean your fountain regularly, hair saliva and other nasty's clog up your water system. I clean myn weekly (scrub everything) and once a month I do a full clean and dish wash the container. Once a month I run the pump submerged in vinegar. this helps to clean out the gunk that builds up.
  • use the fountain filter, you may think you don't need it but it improves water and keeps thing clean longer. Change this filter ever 2 weeks as needed.
My sister who has two cats and no dog uses this kind of fountain. There is a solution for all price points but read and do your research before you buy! there are just as many junky products out there.

Pawchic at Schomberg a Main Street Christmas Festival

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

This past weekend Pawchic participated at Schomberg a main street Christmas festival.
Now I cant say enough about Schomberg, they sure know how to organize a craft show, parade and festive atmosphere.

There had to be well over 5,000 people there through out the night. The town is host to two Christmas parades, the Santa clause parade (4pm) and the festival of lights (8pm).
Schomberg Reindeer

Since I was a vender at the craft show I only had a few minutes to look around but the town even had reindeer.  Lots of fun activities for children, I even saw a mini curling rink! Ice carving, carolers and so much more. If you are in the area next December this is a must to visit. More information can be found Here.

I thought I would share some pictures of my craft set up and display from the Schomberg craft show.

Pawchic's Table

Table at Main Street Christmas

Fact friday: November 29th

Friday, 29 November 2013

Fact Friday:

 40% of dogs visiting dog parks are classified as Large! 35% are medium and 25% are small.

According to our Survey conducted at four Brampton dog parks.

What is Fact Friday? Every Friday on PawChics facebook page we post interesting facts about animals, crafting etc... From now on these facts will be posted onto the Blog as well!

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